How to Remodel a Kitchen with Kitchen Extension?

If you want extra space in your home then start with a kitchen extension. Getting it right depends on you doing two things first: drawing up a budget and being precisely clear about the planning. It is an expensive process that must serve the purpose of functionality and aesthetics besides adding value to your home so give thought to even the tiniest detail and with a fixed budget plus some amount for contingencies, approach the best contractor-builder in your area to implement the extension.

Kitchen Extension
Planning and Permission

Your decision to extend at the side or the back or both sides will be governed by budget, requirement of extra space and adhering to planning permission your area. Exemptions apply only if the planned kitchen extension does not exceed 50% of the total area of your house and the roof cannot be higher than the present one. Exemption applies if extension does not exceed 3 to 4 meters. You also need to make sure you use the same materials as used for your existing house but a liberal allowance is made for use of glass.

Do not move existing counter tops and installation

Moving existing electrical, gas lines and plumbing is expensive and may not be necessary if all you want is more room for dining, relaxation, entertaining guests and work. Moving fixtures is expensive and does not add any extra value, functionality or contribute to aesthetics unless you are planning a whole kitchen remodeling at a large outlay. The main purpose of extension is to add usable space.

Do you need Sidewise extension or back-ward extension or both?

You may think that while you are at why not extend at the back and at the side to give you ample, well lighted, airy spaces. If your budget stretches that far, a patio at the back with skylight and large areas of glass does give an impression of bringing the garden inside. A side Kitchen extension, possibly making use of an idle garage or building from ground up gives you options to create areas for dining, rest and play. You can have your cake and eat it too, creating two areas, each with distinctive identities and uses, if you get in touch with the best TrustMark approved local builder or contractor specializing in kitchen extension.

Remodel a kitchen
Remodeling a Kitchen with extension

Look over your current kitchen carefully. You may have an island that impedes free movement and restricts gathering of people. If the island is simply a place where you store utensils or chop vegetables, then this could be removed and relocated. If your kitchen space is taken up by dining table and chairs, the new extension is where you can place them, giving your kitchen a spacious look with ample space for people to gather and to walk through to the back or side where your new extension is located.

With an extension in place you will find that you can move some frequently used and some not-so-frequently used to the extended area, freeing up space and giving you plenty of breathing space. The openness itself makes working in the kitchen a pleasurable activity and when you look up, you have a lovely view of your garden in bloom to further cheer you up. It is worth it when you do it with the help of an expert contractor.